GIGAIPC Industrial PC Solutions – MITXPC

Vertical Markets and Applications

GIGAIPC hardware is used around the world in areas of Smart Retail, Transportation, Hospitality, Industrial Automation, Education, and more.

SDM Solutions

Intel's Smart Display Module specification is optimized for digital signage, kiosks, professional monitors, point-of-sale, interative displays and more. Key benefits include flexibility, upgradeability, reliability, servicability and security.

QBiX and QBiX Pro

If you're looking for a reliable and durable micro-sized PC solution, the QBiX and QBiX Pro systems offer a wide assortment of configurations suitable for the job.

Embedded IoT Solutions

GIGAIPC's IoT Gateway solutions are ultra-compact, durable and feature rich. Compatible with popular Windows 10 IoT software and other IoT software platforms.

Current Products