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PicoUPS-100 12V DC micro UPS system / battery backup system
Product ID: PSUPS100
  • 12V DC micro UPS system
  • 12V DC battery backup
  • Built-in two stage SLA charger
  • Handles up to 10A loads
  • Low loss, "diode OR" MOSFETs
  • Quarter Brick (58x36x20mm)
  • 1U server compliant
  • Quarter Brick (58x36x20mm)
  • ROHS compliant
Price: $29.95

OpenUPS2 11-24V Intelligent DC-DC Uninterruptible Power Supply
Product ID: OpenUPS2
  • 2.5" Drive footprint
  • Input: 11-24V
  • Programable output: 12-24V/5A
  • 1uA Deep Sleep mode
  • Supports LiFePO4 battery chemistry
  • Battery temperature monitoring and temp compensated charge
  • Fuel Gauge (coulomb counter)
  • mini-FIT JR connectors
List Price: $109.95
Price: $99.95